Recent News

October 19

The pandemic is rewriting the rules of science

August 21

Flu shots for kids protect everybody, study shows

May 12

GreenLight Biosciences raises $17m to ramp mRNA production for COVID-19 vaccine candidate trials

November 6

The search for a universal flu vaccine heats up

November 1

Experts debate urgency of better flu shot, drug prices, nonprofit R&D models

September 25

University of Cambridge’s Prof Jonathan Heeney answers call to transform flu vaccine

September 21

Oregon Health & Science University doc dreams of lifetime immunity with one flu shot

September 17

UChicago-Led Effort Receives Grant For Research Developing Universal Influenza Vaccine

August 29

With new grants, Flu Lab and Gates Foundation take an early step toward a universal flu vaccine

Flu Lab Announcements

August 28

Flu Lab announced a new partnership with the Center for Open Science and the Public Library of Science to expand the publication of null and negative influenza research findings and support influenza replication studies. Researchers are invited to submit proposals to the Call for Negative Results, Null results, and Replication of Important Findings.

August 28

In 2018 the Gates Foundation and Flu Lab issued a "Grand Challenge" for novel and transformative approaches to developing a universal influenza vaccine. We recently announced seven grantees who represent a diverse set of backgrounds, areas of expertise, and geographies and who are approaching the search for a universal influenza vaccine in new and exciting ways.

July 25

A new report, “Accelerating the Development of a Universal Influenza Vaccine,” has been released by the Sabin-Aspen Vaccine Science & Policy Group, a joint initiative of the Sabin Vaccine Institute and the Aspen Institute. It calls for an urgent, coordinated effort to amplify and focus resources on the long-sought, but overdue achievement of a universal influenza vaccine.

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