April 2024

A citizen-science collaboration in New York has revealed that half a dozen birds were infected with the H5N1 avian flu virus.

December 2023

Vivaldi Biosciences receives grant to study its universal flu vaccine’s ability to block virus transmission.

December 2023

Team to develop breathalyzer test for COVID, RSV, influenza A.

October 2023

World-leading RECOVERY trial expands to investigate treatments for influenza.

October 2023

Ecraid and the University of Oxford join forces to extend RECOVERY trial to Europe.

August 2023

The MITIGATE FLU project’s ferret daycare is helping unlock new insights into influenza transmission.

August 2023

Meet the scientists trying to stop the next pandemic from starting in Africa.

October 2022

Protas announces grant funding from Flu Lab to develop a new approach to clinical trials of treatments for influenza.

May 2022

High school scientists-in-training as urban virus hunters.

April 2022

NYC high school students first to describe new viruses in local pigeons.

March 2022

Virginia Tech-led team of researchers seeks to mitigate influenza in indoor environments.

February 2022

BARDA announces new partnership with diagnostic company Detect.

February 2022

Highly multiplexed CRISPR-based diagnostic rapidly detects pathogens.

December 2021

High schoolers take to city parks to hunt for viruses.

December 2021

The Influenzer Initiative releases series on the quest for a universal influenza vaccine.

September 2021

COS receives 5-year grant to improve biomedical research culture.

August 2021

RNA tech firm GreenLight Biosciences to go public in $1.5 billion SPAC deal.

August 2021

University of Auckland leads project to combat RSV, flu by applying Covid-19 lessons.

May 2021

How COVID is changing the study of human behavior.

May 2021

So your kid barely had the sniffles this past year. Will that last?

March 2021

These scientists are already on the hunt for the next pandemic.

February 2021

Preventing the next pandemic.

January 2021

Amid one pandemic, students train for the next one.

December 2020

Early data suggest wearables can catch COVID-19 cases before symptoms emerge.

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