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Programs & Partnerships

Flu Lab's portfolio of grants and investments collectively work to enhance and expand the influenza ecosystem, and stimulate and accelerate research and translation of discoveries into applied technologies and medical countermeasures.

Flu Lab Activities:

Flu Lab supports the Sabin Vaccine Institute and its efforts to draw attention to the pressing need for a universal influenza vaccine and bring new perspectives to invigorate influenza research. We have joined their Influenzer Initiative which seeks expertise from different disciplines to develop a universal influenza vaccine that provides longer-lasting immunity against multiple influenza strains.

Latest News: Sabin Vaccine Institute and The Aspen Institute Release Report Calling for Bold, New, and Coordinated Commitments to Making Universal Influenza Vaccines a Reality.

In 2018 Flu Lab, in collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, launched the 2018 Grand Challenge for Universal Influenza Vaccine Development, offering USD $12 million in seed money for “game-changing” influenza vaccines proposals. The Grand Challenge will fund individual pilot awards of up to USD $2 million over two years.

Latest News: Flu Lab announced the six Grand Challenge grantees at the Options X for the Control of Influenza Conference, with additional grantees to be announced in the coming weeks. The grantees represent a diverse set of backgrounds, areas of expertise, and geographies and they are approaching the search for a universal influenza vaccine influenza in new and exciting ways.

Flu Lab supports Shoo the Flu, a community-based initiative to prevent seasonal influenza through school-based vaccination programs. The new Shoo the Flu Toolkit is a detailed "how to" that guides the planning and implementation of influenza vaccination programs in schools.

Latest News: Flu Lab, working with Center for Open Science and the Public Library of Science, has launched a Call for Negative Results, Null results, and Replication of Important Findings to expand available influenza research findings. Qualifying proposals are eligible for awards up to $25,0000. Submit your proposal at cos.io/flulab.

Flu Lab is working with a variety of other funders on issues relevant to our mission, serving as launch points for our grantmaking.

Flu Lab is a member of the Global Funders Consortium for Universal Influenza Vaccine Development whose goal is to accelerate the development and availability of broadly protective influenza vaccines, thereby reducing the global burden and risk from seasonal and pandemic influenza.

Flu Lab is a member of the Pandemics Collective, a community of practice, representing philanthropic leadership in technology and global health, oriented to pandemic prevention, detection, and rapid response.